Exposure Alaska Adventure Tours

Exposure Alaska Adventure Tours

We’ve got 20+ years of Alaska Adventure Tours under our belt, and you’ve got just a week or two to enjoy the best Alaska has to offer. Do you really want to spend most of it sitting in a van?

Didn’t think so. Join us in our 21st Year of great Alaska Sea Kayaking, Backpacking, Ice Climbing, Helicopter Adventures and Rafting Adventures.

COVID19 Update:  Nothing is more important to us than the health of our crew and our guests.  The situation is constantly changing but we are implementing the following:

  • All our adventure trips will be PRIVATE.  Just your family or small group, and a guide or two.  Whatever guidelines come around throughout the summer, we just don’t think it’s going to be a good idea to have visitors from all over the country in one van.  So, you get a private trip.  And since we’re likely not going to be that busy this summer, you can get a great deal!  Have a look through our different itineraries, get your ideas together as well as preferred travel time, then Contact Us
  • When planning your Alaska adventure travel, please check the most up to date Alaska details at AK Covid19 Updates.

Featured Alaska Adventures

Below is the list of our featured Alaska Adventure Tours, which we provide in packages, for several days or up to a month at a time.  We take you in, treat you well, and show you around Alaska the right way.  We have the Gear, the Equipment, Experience, and Knowledge to provide you with the best Alaska trip you can imagine. Our Tours include Extreme Week, XXtreme Week, Maximum Exposure, Double Exposure, and Matanuska Getaway.  We also feature 3-day and week long Backpacking and Kayaking Tours.  We also do Fly In Adventures into the Alaska Wilderness.

Our Alaska tours now feature Luxury Camping with Alpenglow Luxury Camping, in case you need to relax after one of our more intense Alaska Expeditions

The best Alaska adventure tour company you’ve never heard of.

We do very little advertising, so you’ve never read about us in a glossy magazine. Since we specialize in small groups and adventurous trips, not high volume, we don’t need thousands of guests per year.  We’re not for everyone anyway!

We also offer:

Denali Expedition Support

Why Choose Exposure Alaska?

Small Groups

No more than 6 guests on one of our scheduled Alaska adventure tours.  Our maximum is the minimum for many companies.

Challenging Itineraries

If you like to sit on a bus, maybe take a little walk or do some shopping; look elsewhere.

Excellent Safety Record

We’re going to push you, but managing the risks of these challenging Alaska activities is our priority.

Less time in the van

We believe that to really appreciate Alaska wilderness you need to get out there, not just look through the windshield.

Almost everything is included

All the meals and snacks, technical gear, entry fees and all scheduled tours and activities.

We’re not for everyone

We don’t pretend to be.  But we might be for you.

Alaska Adventures by Challenge Level

Advanced Adventure Packages

Moderate-Advanced Adventure Packages

Moderate Adventure Packages

Light-Moderate Adventure Packages

Typical, Everyday Tours


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