Welcome aboard!

Now that you’ve officially signed up for your trip, there are many pieces of information we’re sure you’re anxious to hear. The tabs below will get you to the latest information on your upcoming Alaska adventure.

Some information, such as gear lists, is trip specific. Please pay particular attention to the information for your trip.

The “Paperwork” page is especially important; this information will help us to plan the trip to suit you and your team. Please return the completed forms as soon as possible.

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are to have you along. We think you’ll have a great time and it allows us and our staff to do what we love to do.

– Don & the Exposure Crew

  • Now

    Book your Flight and Anchorage accommodation. You know you’re going, and it’s not going to get any easier or cheaper.

    Alaska gets very busy in the summer, flights and hotels often fill up.  See the Travel page for tips on where to stay and getting here.

  • 3 Months Before Trip

    Start shopping for your Gear.  Depending on where you live, some items may need to be ordered online.  Plus, this part can be fun and motivate you to exercise more.

    Complete your Health Form and online Waiver

    Mail in your final Payment

  • 2 Months Before Trip

    Complete your Travel & Rentals form. Save on gear rentals if you do this early.

  • 1 Month Before Trip

    Complete your Travel & Rentals form. If you haven’t already done so.

  • Tour Time

    Let’s do this

What to expect…

One thing that you should realize is that Alaska weather can be almost anything during the summer…hot, sunny 80 degree days backpacking; windy, rainy days sea kayaking; cold and snowy mountaineering (even in July). You could possibly have all of these conditions in one day! It’s also possible to have nothing but sunshine for an entire week, or rain every day for 9 days. So expect nothing in particular, and bring what’s on the list!

Find your trip gear list and gear information under the “Get Ready” menu at the top of every page.

Here’s the deal… The paperwork is our least favorite part of this business. We want to get it out of the way as efficiently as possible and it has to be done properly. So please follow the instructions, and get things to us complete and on time. Types of paperwork we will need from you: Health & Lifestyle Form, Travel and Rental Form, Waiver, and Final Payment. Find our paperwork page HERE

Full payment is due 90 days before the start of your trip. Please keep in mind that payment by check or another form of no-fee cash transfer was factored into your trip pricing.   If you want it, we’ll give you the option of paying your full balance by credit card which includes a 3% processing fee (what we pay the bank). 

Click HERE to review our payment and refund policies.

Your Responsibilities…Your Guide has a lot to do and think about in the field to manage the safety and comfort of the entire group.  Since you’re an adult, there are certain things that are going to be your responsibility on the trip: Medications, Allergies, Asthma, Insect Bites, Sun Sensitivity, and UTIs just to name a few. Please read our page HERE for detailed information on your responsibilities.

Things to think about… Traveling to and from Alaska can be stressful when trying to pack a weeklong excursion into your vacation time. Some things to note before booking your flights are: Alaska flight times- Normally flights come in late and you don’t want to start your active vacation on empty. The first day of your trip- It’s important to keep things rolling, so be ready at the time and place agreed upon earlier. Don’t cut arrivals and departures too tight- As we know things get delayed, and with one week to fit everything in, we can’t wait or cut things short to make flight times.

Accommodation-  There are lots to choose from, some better than others.  We have a list of our recommendations to help you filter through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Please click HERE to find detailed information on all these topics to help make your travel to and from Alaska a little less stressful.

This is a big subject, and seems to be growing every year. 99.5% of our guests have 100% of their food needs met with what we provide and they are very satisfied. See what we can and can’t do for special diets and read information related to: supplementing food, vegetarian, kosher, vegan, and if you have allergies with nuts, dairy, or gluten. We have an entire page on this topic HERE.

Get in touch…We’re here to help you prepare for your Alaska trip.  During the winter months we do not maintain regular office hours but can usually reply pretty quickly.  From May onward it’s game time but just remember Alaska is 4 hours behind east coast time.

Email is always a good way to get in touch with us.
For Exposure guests, Don likes to answer any questions personally.  Please call our office and they’ll get a message to him and he’ll call you back as soon as possible.