Alaska ATV Adventure Tours

Hop on an ATV or UTV and explore the back country of the Matanuska Valley.  Come play in the mud.  If you’re near Glacier View, near the Matanuska Glacier, enjoy this ATV tour as part of your adventure.

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Enjoy Alaska ATV Adventure Tour from one of the top ATV and UTV Adventure companies in Alaska.  This Alaska ATV Adventure Tour activity usually goes side by side with Matanuska Glacier activities including ice climbing and glacier trekking, and maybe even some helicopter action.

Alaska Adventure ATV Tours explores back country terrain so as to supply you with a healthy dose of adrenaline. Gain elevation into the Matanuska Valley by rocky river side and climb dirt trails on ATV or UTV with professional guides and equipment.

Alaska ATV Tour

A group ready for their private ATV tour

What to Expect

This tour is perfect for all types of groups, this is an exploration experience made for all. Ride up berms, take steep terrain by storm, and let the smiles grow while throttling through mud. This exploration gives grit and layers of dirt to any rider.

  • Personal ATV (16 and older)
  • UTV Driven by Guide
  • Professional Guide
  • Vehicle Operation Instruction
  • Riverside Driving
  • Matanuska Valley Exploration
  • Private Tours
  • Family Tours
  • Group Tours
  • Glacier Views
  • Helmet and Safety Goggles
  • Half Day Experience
  • Peak Views of Matanuska Valley
  • Local Knowledge of History and Terrain
  • Wildlife Sightings
  • Variety of Trail Options
ATV Chugach Mountains

View of the Chugach Mountains from the trail

Whether speed is the need or taking in the majestic views of the Matanuska Valley, there is a route for everyone. Find hidden gems in the coniferous forest mountain sides. You will work on riding skills and create confidence.  Alaska has a lot to explore, so taking this adventure with a little horse power will make the most of any trip.

Enjoy privacy and seclusion of back country trails to take in the glacially carve valley. The raw elements are waiting to be discovered, what are you waiting for? If under 16 years old or looking to be a passenger on this adventure, UTV options with a professional guide are perfect.


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