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Servicing High Adventure

Firstly, Denali support service is designed for climbers with limited, valuable time. Many flights arrive in Anchorage late at night. Arrive, get a good night’s sleep and know that we’ll be there to help the following morning. By the afternoon you could be in Talkeetna for your briefing.

With a little luck with weather, you could be flying to Base Camp less than 24 hours after your arrival in Anchorage

Food is our Core Service

Food is the fuel to a successful expedition. That is to say, Denali support provides tasty, mountain-tested ingredients to get you up the hill. These come with minimum packaging. Additionally, they are highly organized and efficient meals. They allow for variety and flexibility on what you eat and on which day.

Most of the rations include standard supermarket items. These are combined into great tasting, balanced dishes that are easy to prepare. We also include a few pre-packaged commercial de-hydrated dinners. Basically, these are for when you need quick and easy meals for those long, hard climbing days.

We cannot cater to food allergies, current diet trends or picky eaters

A personal note from Don

Many of us adjust our eating habits based on current thoughts, trends, and studies on nutrition. I eat less meat, less dairy, fewer carbs, almost no sugar and more vegetables than I used to. However, that is when I’m at home. When I’m in the mountains, burning 5000 calories a day, a backpack full of veggies isn’t going to cut it. So…leave your food preferences behind and plan to get some fuel in while on the mountain with Denali support.

Our Food Support Services: 

  • Real food for quality meals that you cook
  • Limitations to allergies and dietary constraints and not “picky eater” friendly
  • Folks who’s budget matches our prices

All support packages include 15 days of food. Additional rations may be ordered in advance at $111/person per 5-day bag. 

See the link above for more details on the food we provide.

NOTE – Standard & Deluxe Package Rates are based on Base Camp Flight costs of $675 per person plus 10.5% FAA and Local Tax. However, if additional taxes are imposed, or if the air taxi service raises it’s rates for any reason, a surcharge may apply.


Expedition Support arranged with less than 14 days notice is subject to a 15% rush order surcharge.

“Great value for the money we spent, especially coming in from abroad, where the other option was to sit and sort everything out on the parking lot outside the grocery store in Anchorage…no thanks!”

Pierre Hungr — Denali 2010 Expedition

Compare our Support Packages

Access to “Tips” page
15-days Food
Anchorage Van Support
Transport to Talkeetna
Set up of Ranger Briefing
Base Camp Flight (round trip)
Base Camp Fee
1 Gallon stove fuel per person
Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, lighters
Wands & Steel Shovel
Anchorage Int’l Airport Pick up
Anchorage Accommodation
***Cost is per person & depends on the size of your Team*** COST/PERSON
2 Climbers $983 $2029 $2571
3 Climbers $811 $1833 $2429
4 Climbers $737 $1710 $2294
5 Climbers $700 $1710 $2171
6 Climbers $614 $1587 $1967