Alaska Challenge Level 3

Moderate hiking, mainly on established trails. Up to two consecutive nights primitive camping with no toilet facilities. Other nights in inns or campgrounds with facilities. Some leisurely mornings and evenings to recharge.  These areas are accessed by road and allow entrance to more secluded areas for private experiences in the Alaskan wilderness.

You will enjoy prepared warms meal during your adventures and finish your days weary but content in exhaustion that is well earned. When in the wild you do have the possibility of experiencing wildlife, including a variety of bugs. All of your activities are subject to any type of weather that Alaska is capable of. You will be responsible for personal gear and some group gear.

Participants on this challenge level should already be enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle with regular exercise that includes walking, running, biking or hiking. You should be prepared to deal with Alaska weather for short periods of time but your days will usually end with warm, dry clothes and camp.