Alaska Ice Climbing and Glacier Trekking

Explore the Matanuska Glacier with the local Alaska ice climbing and glacier trekking experts. Fantastic photo ops, unforgettable adventure tours.  Focused on your ice climbing abilities, that extensive activity gives you as much glacier as you can handle in one day.

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Learn the art and skill of ice climbing on a glacier

The spectacular Matanuska Glacier is a perfect place for exploring a glacier. Similarly, this giant river of ice is a great spot for an introduction to the fun and challenging sport of ice climbing, in the warm comfort of summer! This glacier has many sunny days that make for exceptional afternoons of Alaska ice climbing.

Check out beautiful glacier features as you hike with your professional guide. The naturally carved ice will reveal the immensity and intricacies of the Matanuska Glacier as you travel.  One glacier activity option is the Advanced Trek by our crew of MICA Guides.  This trip is planned to cover some distance and get you to the best glacier features we can find.  While there will be some technical ropes and anchors used, this trip does not include ice climbing.

Exploring the Mtanuska

The facets of ice and rock on the Matanuska Glacier

If you’d like to try ice climbing, now’s your chance.  No experience needed! You’ll start out learning the basics. By the end of the day will be climbing towering walls of ice. This is one of our most popular activities. A truly unique Alaskan summer adventure.

We provide mountaineering boots, crampons and all the technical gear required. On the glacier, we have a variety of routes with a level of challenge and difficulty. Similarly, there is a route suitable for just about anyone looking to experience Alaska ice climbing.

Crampons on Glacier

A guide wearing crampons on the ice

Some of our trips include taking your Alaska glacier experience to the next level by using a helicopter!  This amazing machine gets us to our “secret stash” of glacier awesomeness far from the day hikers. Or go even further by spending a night at our Glacier Camp for the ultimate in glacier adventure.

Suitable for ages 12 and up, some exceptions may be possible for custom family groups.

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