Sea Kayaking the Alaskan Coast

Alaska Tidal Glaciers

Tidal Glaciers on the shorelines of Blackstone Bay

The Alaskan coast is one of the most remarkable terrains to explore while visiting this expansive state. We believe the best way to explore the coast is by sea kayaking. These small and quiet ocean vessels create optimal chances for exploration and encounters with the natural surroundings. A full day of paddling through Prince William Sound will leave your nights at camp filled with accomplishment.

We use top-quality boats that are beginner-friendly. Two guests per boat. No experience is needed for our kayak trips. Experienced kayakers are sure to appreciate the ‘local knowledge’ our guides have to share.  Let us share some our favorite hidden gems with you as we wind around the rocky shorelines.

Water Taxi the Coast

Two kayakers admire the coastal views from the deck of a water taxi

Some trips involve use of a water taxi to greatly extend our range and get you to some of the most spectacular areas. Each night we’ll camp either in the rainforest or on a beach. Since kayaks are so good at carrying big loads, we enjoy a comfortable camp and great meals.

Additionally, Prince William Sound is somewhat protected from huge ocean storms, seas can sometimes be quite rough. Kayaking is a very weather-dependent sport. We minimize risks by planning to paddle when seas and winds are favorable…the key to kayaking is knowing when to stay on the beach!

Plan for Exploration

Alaska Water Taxi

Looking over the back of a water taxi into the Prince William Sound

We always have flexible itineraries and contingency plans. You’ll need a flexible attitude, an adventurous spirit, and a willingness to cope with the challenges of this sport. In some cases, a day trip sea kayaking can be added to your custom itinerary.

Our short, custom kayak trips can accommodate children 8 years and older. No experience is required and adults must be prepared to paddle!

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