Backpacking in Alaska

Exposure Alaska offers Backpacking Adventures with their Alaska adventure tour packages. Backpacking in Alaska is so different that any other place in the world. This beautiful state has so much to offer!

Alaska is very big, 663,300 sq miles to be exact, and most of it is remote. Because of its vastness, it has certain characteristics that come into play while considering a hiking or backpacking trip. One of the first challenges happens before you even step foot in the forest or onto a mountain, and that’s getting prepared. Much of the hiking that occurs in Alaska doesn’t happen on a well beaten trail. Because of this, you have to be a self-sufficient hiker. Even some of the most experienced hikers consider navigating this back country challenging.

Planning is key, especially if you’re finding yourself in a very remote location. Most of the time, you’re dependent on what you bring with you. Food, water, and clothing, including weather-resistant outerwear and thermal layers, are just a few of the things to consider. You should also plan your trip.

As you plan, always take into consideration your surroundings. The terrain in Alaska is ever-changing. You most likely will not keep the pace that you expect, so you should always add more time to your trip than you first expect. From muddy slopes, plush tundra, dense brush, vast coastlines, and cold glacial areas, you’ll emerge different than you began.

Lastly, don’t forget to expect the unexpected. You may encounter a bear at your campsite, get lost when your electronic gps fails, get caught for a whole day because of inclement weather, need to treat your drinking water, or even find yourself fending off a hoard of mosquitoes. Whatever the trials may be, prepare for them the best you can!

Backpacking in Alaska is an exhilarating experience with many ups and downs. So, what are you waiting for?