When your day is virtually endless, you can really cover some ground and enjoy the scenery on a day hike.  With a light pack you can move fast, scramble over rocks, get to some great views and really feel like you’ve done something with the morning, the afternoon or the entire day.

Hiking is a part of many of our trips because it’s just a great way to get out there and enjoy Alaska.

Day Hike Glacier View

The Matanuska Valley

Explore a variety of landscapes while being lead through some of our favorite locations to find the best views of Alaska. There is nothing like working through tree lines to finally summit into incredible alpine views. Alaska day hiking is a perfect way to leave you to reveling in the experiences of adventure.

You do have to put in the work to find those expansive and richly layered views of Alaska but it is well worth it. In one day alone you can cross over varieties of ecosystems and take in the elements of  your surroundings both big and small. Your day doesn’t have to be dedicated to one goal.

Hiking the interior

Snowy peaks surrounded by coniferous forest

Many of these Alaska day hikes encompass wildlife sightings, rolling hills of wildflowers and fresh berries, as well as paramount views. This is great way to get your feet on the ground and how you can make the most of your day by foot. Make the most of your days in the last frontier.

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