Alaska River Rafting

The Matanuska River braiding through the Mat-Su Valley

Whitewater rafting Alaska’s rivers can be a private entrance into some of the most spectacular scenery. With a professional guide you can explore deep into canyons and secluded areas. Expose yourself to up close and personal interactions with the natural elements and wildlife of the Last Frontier.

Additionally, we partner with a local whitewater rafting company to provide you with a quality river experience. These companies hold professional safety standards and supply the necessary dry gear to get on the rivers. With their local knowledge and river skills you are sure to have a quality river experience. Rafting is included in many of our scheduled trips on the Matanuska River, the Nenana near Denali National Park or exciting Six Mile Creek on the Kenai Peninsula.

On one hand, the Matanuska and Nenana are great introductions to whitewater rafting; fast, cold, splashy and a lot of fun. You will wind through glaciated canyons and let your excitement build with each passing corner. These excursions allow a nice mix of adrenaline and relaxation on your river journey.

Rafting the Matanuska River

The grey silt waters of the Matanuska River on a private rafting trip

Meanwhile, Six Mile Creek is one of the most exciting rivers around and not for the faint of heart. For these adventures you will have to pass a swim test and be ready to paddle hard. Your guide will have the knowledge, instructions, and commands to get you into  and through the raging whitewater. It is up to you to alert, attentive, and ready for action at all times. If you would like to specialize your rafting experience please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or requests.

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