Alaska Challenge Level 4

Difficult and challenging hiking on or off trail and in steep terrain. Up to two consecutive nights primitive camping in remote areas with no toilet facilities. Other nights in an inn or campground. You will carry personal gear and parts of group gear. These are fast paced, long days of physical activity. Get ready to push yourself.

These experiences will have lots of snacks and prepared meals to keep you fueled. This more strenuous challenge level will take you to the less traveled areas and give you a deeper connection to the environments of Alaska. All the work is well rewarded. These backcountry experiences require leave no trace practice.

Level 4 trips require a fairly high level of fitness. You should, at a minimum, be able to walk or run 5 miles without taking a break. Be prepared to experience adverse weather with a sense of optimism. At a minimum, you should expect wet feet. At times you may be completely wet and possibly cold.