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Kayak Tour
Alaska sea kayaking

Kayak Tour

Enjoy great Alaskan sea kayaking with a three day tour in Prince William Sound.  Your chance to try out real Alaska sea kayaking.

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Sea kayaking is the best way to experience Alaska’s Prince William Sound.

On this short expedition, you’ll have three days to explore the bays, coves and fjords of the western part of the Sound. Seeing glaciers and waterfalls, and camping on beautiful beaches and in the rain forest.

As we travel each day, we’ll look for a huge variety of sea birds, eagles, sea otters, river otters, bears, seals, sea lions and whales. This is true expedition kayaking, not just a paddle around a long lunch break. You’ll be challenged by the remoteness, the weather and the paddling itself but the rewards can be great.

We’ll be on the water by lunch on Day 1, picked up by water taxi around lunch time on Day 3.

Challenge Level: 3; Includes primitive camping in the Alaska backcountry for 2 nights.  Read more about Challenge Levels.

No experience required but you must be over 18, in good physical condition and prepared for the challenges of the Alaska backcountry.


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3 Days

Challenge Level

Level 3

Nights Backcountry Camping