The Fine Print



Reservation requests are only accepted upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit.  
If we are unable to accommodate your reservation your deposit will be immediately refunded.

When you book online for our regularly scheduled trips, your deposit will be $200 per person.  You’ll see a small booking fee when you check out.  We will credit the amount of this fee to your final trip payment.

For Custom/Private trips, the deposit will vary and will usually be a 20% of the total trip cost.

Payment Deadlines
Full payment, minus any deposit previously paid, is due no later than 90 days prior to the start of a scheduled trip. Late payment will be considered cancellation of the trip by you and may result in losing your reservation, deposit and any other payments in accordance with the cancellation policies below.

We will send you an invoice for this payment.

Cancellations and Refunds

We reserve the right to cancel any trip with less than 4 participants. If we cancel the trip, your payments, including deposit will be fully refunded. No other costs that you incur will be refunded and you may want to consider refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance. We have not cancelled a trip with confirmed guests since our start in 1999.

If you cancel for any reason after your reservation has been confirmed, your deposit will not be refunded.

In addition, if you cancel for any reason within 60 days of the scheduled start of the trip, the following cancellation fees will apply:

60-45 days before scheduled start: $500

45-30 days before scheduled start: $1000

If you cancel after 30 days prior to the start date, there will be no refunds.

If, at any time, we determine that you may not be suitable for safe participation for medical or any other reasons, the above schedule of cancellation fees will also apply. No other costs that you incur will be refunded. Prior to the start of the trip, we make this determination based on your Health and Lifestyle form. We encourage you to complete this form as soon as possible and keep us informed of any change in your condition. Travel Insurance is recommended.

Note: Any participants exhibiting behavior which negatively affects the experience of the other members, or the safety or well being of themselves or others may be removed from the particular activity or the trip without refund.

What’s Included

Assistance with preparing for your trip.
Once your deposit is received, we’ll provide you with extensive preparation guidelines.

Pick up in Anchorage on the designated meeting day.
We’ll pick you up anywhere in downtown or mid-town Anchorage on the morning of Day 1 (please don’t plan to stay in South Anchorage). All expenses that you incur prior to the pick-up time, including accommodation in Anchorage, are your responsibility.

Local transportation.
From the time we pick you up until the end of the trip and we drop you off back in Anchorage, all program related transportation costs are included.

With specified exceptions, all meals and snacks are provided for the duration of the trip.

We’ll teach you what you need to know for all the activities throughout your stay with us. There are no additional costs.

Guides, leaders, instructors.
We provide qualified leaders for all activities.

We provide all group camping gear, such as tents and cooking equipment, boats and any other technical gear required for the activities (such as ice axes, ropes, etc.) We provide emergency and safety equipment and any other specialized, non-personal equipment needed.

We provide for all of your accommodation needs for the nights as specified. Accommodation will usually be shared with one other person. Contact us about single supplements where available.

Health & medical needs.
All teams will be equipped with a group medical kit and at least one staff member trained in wilderness first-aid.

What’s Not Included

Before the trip.
Your transportation to and from the meeting place in Anchorage is not included and arrangement of your travel is entirely your responsibility.

All expenses that you incur prior to the pick-up time, including accommodation in Anchorage, are your responsibility.

At times, you may have the opportunity to buy snacks, alcohol, or meals out at your own expense.

Your personal gear including all clothing as specified in the supplied gear list, proper footwear, sleeping bag, pad.

Health & medical needs.
All medical expenses charged by other agencies or medical providers for evacuation or treatment are entirely the responsibility of the participant. All participants should have adequate insurance to cover these expenses.

Important Points

A special note regarding weather delays and changes:
Some of our trips take you to remote areas where weather conditions and other factors are unpredictable and beyond our control. If a certain aspect of your trip cannot be undertaken due to unforseen circumstances we will make every effort to provide a substitute activity if possible.

You should be aware that there is a chance that weather conditions may delay your on-time return to Anchorage, particularly with fly-in, fly-out trips. This delay could result in missing your flight home or other changes to your shedule after the Exposure trip. We can take no responsibility for any additional costs incurred and highly recommend Travel Insurance.

All of our trips are ACTIVE vacations…
We try to minimize the amount of time sitting in the van, while still giving our guests the opportunity to experience a wide variety of what Alaska has to offer.

To enjoy any Exposure trip, you should be relatively fit, enjoy an active lifestyle, and have an adventurous spirit.

About Travel Insurance
For the relatively inexpensive price, we think it’s not a bad idea. Let’s face it, if you’re attracted to this trip, you’re probably not sitting at home on the couch. If you have a last minute injury, or something happens with the family, or your flight is delayed and you miss the first day or two, or you join us for a fly in trip and the weather prevents us getting back on time, or…well the scenarios are endless. Travel Insurance can help and it’s usually a pretty good bargain.

About COVID19

Should the State of Alaska prohibit all visitors due to COVID19 we will provide a full refund of all payments made.  Of course, this would be a rather drastic move but you never know these days.  There are many other possibilities of COVID related issues that may cause you to cancel your trip but we can’t take all the responsibility and risk of travel during a pandemic.  We always recommend travel insurance, even more so these days.