Seeing Alaska by Helicopter

Alaska is known for the jaw dropping views and experiences accessible to visitors and locals alike. Not long after reaching Alaska does one start to feel the burn and desire to reach the sights that fill a person with a deep sense of awe and connection. There are many ways that folks find their way to the “gems” of Alaska’s landscapes.

person arms spread wide in front of glacier waterfall

Exploring Views

Some companies offer creative and exciting ways to get high up into the alpine for epic views. Sheep Mountain, offers an ATV tour that takes you to the top of Gunsight Mountain. From this peak you can view the whole Matanuska Valley along with 4 different mountain ranges. And just down the road at Glacier View Adventures, you can have the chance to zipline off a 200 foot cliff. And, catch one of the best views around of the Matanuska Glacier.

Airtime Adventure

By far though, one of the most picturesque and accessible ways to take you into the nooks and crannies of Alaska is by helicopter. Companies like Matanuska Glacier Helicopters has a variety of different tour options. Some of them are devoted to purely air based exploration. Others offer adventure on the ice and much more with their partnership with MICA Guides and Alpenglow Luxury Camping.

Whichever level of adventure you are ready for, taking to the air might be the best way to see the most of Alaska. As soon as you lift from the launching pad and over the tops of once towering trees, sprawling coniferous forest reveal wildlife sighting and expanses of wildflowers. Along the edges of your peripheral, jagged edges of a glacially carved canyons, and evidence of geology’s past decorate the edges.

person looking out window over glacier

Hovering over Splendor

As you navigate the glacial winds your pilot will offer interpretation and knowledge about the surrounding area. Soon you will see the intricate networks of meltwater and glacially fed rivers below, all stemming from the nearby Matanuska Glacier. Blue pools will grab your eye as you hover over gleaming white ice, revealing ice fins, ice falls, and breath taking features the further you travel along.

Fly into canyons that hold elements of rainforest like grandeur all while peering out across snow covered peaks. Gain proximity to the accumulation zone of the glacier near the base of the Chugach Mountains. And on the way, spot rare ice features otherwise unseen by on the ground travel. These helicopter flights can range in duration and you can even customize them for events such as honeymoons, photography tours, and private events.

Alaska from the Air

Trips can range in length and price and that depends on what you and your group are interested in. Sometimes you can even call the day of or before to see if you can fit into an afternoon flight if you need to make a last minute plan. A helicopter flight over the landscapes of Alaska can create memories that will last a life time. Above the alpine, and into the sky, is the best way to see Alaska.