You’ve got a few things to get squared away before you come up to Alaska.  In addition to all the details you have to take care of at home, we need you to:

  • Take care of the paperwork
  • Arrange your travel and accommodation
  • Get your gear together

The paperwork

We’ve tried to make this part of your trip as quick and painless as possible with three easy online forms: WaiverHealth & Lifestyle Form, and the Travel & Rental Form. Please see the tabs below for more detailed information about the paperwork.

Acknowledgement of Risk & Release (Waiver)
This legal document is intended as a warning that not everything we’re going to do is risk-free and to advise you of some of the risks you might be up against. No actvity is completely without risk. Our programs take place in the wilderness, in the real Alaska. We do our best to minimize risk while providing the opportunity for a challenging and rewarding experience.

It is important that you understand, and accept, the risks involved with participatioin in this program. We must receive this form in advance of your trip in order for you to participate. We cannot accept it the same day your trip starts.

An individual Acknowledgement of Risk must be signed by each member of the group, including minors.

PLEASE READ this document carefully NOW. Your acknowledgement and signature on this document as presented will be required for participation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding this document or the risks associated with your participation on an Exposure trip.

During the trip you may also be asked to sign an additional waiver for any sub-contractors that we may use; whitewater rafting for example.


This must be completed by or for each Guest, including minors.
Among other things this form is used for menu planning. Menu planning and food shopping are done well in advance so we need this info as soon as possible.

Click here to complete your Health & Lifestyle Form

Travel & Rentals Form – This only needs to be done once for the group that has registered together.. Save 10% on gear rentals if you complete this form before making your final payment.

**Before you submit this form please have ready your complete flight information, hotel information and your decision on your rental equipment. Otherwise you will need to re-submit your form later.

Click here to complete your Travel & Rentals form

Your Travel and Accommodation

This important topic gets it’s own page at Travel & Accommodation

Your Gear

This is more fun than the paperwork, but still quite important.  We have specific lists for each of our trips and you can easily find those links at the top of every page.  Please, bring what’s on the list.  Don’t make any last minute omissions based on the weather forecast; it’s worthless.  If you have specific questions just get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer some guidance.