Alaska Glacier Camping Adventure

Sleep on a glacier!

Take a helicopter to our remote glacier camp for the ultimate Alaska experience.  Explore our secret stash of glacier awesomeness that’s unreachable by the day-trippers.

Featured in these Packages:


Landing into Luxury

Fly in by helicopter, learn to ice climb, explore the best Alaska glacier features, get some amazing photos and enjoy our comfortable camp where you’ll have a glacier cocktail, a delicious hot dinner and relax around the campfire, on ice!

Next, in the morning, you’ll enjoy fresh brewed coffee with the serenity of the remote Matanuska Glacier. After a hearty breakfast you’ll explore more of the glacier with your guide before your helicopter ride out. Another chance to take in the full experience of all the private and exclusive spaces you will find in the backcountry of the glacier.

The Alaska Glacier Camping Adventure is one of the best overnight glacier experiences in Alaska. The camp that we set up and fly you in to will be situated near access to some of the coolest features of the glacier and provide solitude. Too far for all but the most hard-core hikers, you’ll enjoy a small group of new friends sharing this unique experience.

Heli Drop on a Glacier

We drop you off by helicopter, guide you through glacier trekking and ice climbing on Matanuska Glacier, and get your camp all set up somewhere way out on the 27 mile geological wonder. This Alaska glacier glamping experience with Exposure Alaska is a one of a kind. And, the perfect way to enjoy a glacier with your friends or family.

This glacier glamping adventure is a joint effort Exposure Alaska, MICA Guides and Alpenglow Luxury Camping; combining the expertise to bring you the ultimate in adventure and comfort. Read an article about nights on the glacier by one of our more seasoned guides here.

Did we mention the helicopter? You’ll get quite a bit of time in the air, with options to upgrade so as to enjoy some more air time if you wish. Most importantly, we want you to experience the Matanuska Glacier in the best way possible. And we’re pretty sure we’ve found it.  Talk to us about your options, there are so many ways to experience the glacier with Exposure Alaska tour packages.

The Whole Nine Yards

We are excited to offer a variety of gourmet food options for your adventure at glacier camp. We can provide anywhere from the basics to expansive meals for your group. Let’s get you set up with this one of a kind overnight glacier glamping adventure from Exposure Alaska.

Suitable for ages 12 and up, some exceptions may be possible for custom family groups.

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