With stunning scenery far from roads and the crowds of people in buses and RVs, backpacking is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of the “real” Alaska. Wake up to a spectacular view enjoyed over a steaming cup of coffee. Look for wildlife out in their neighborhood. Cross glaciers and rivers. Climb mountains.

The rewards of the Alaska wilderness are unending and come with perseverance. Even if you’re in pretty good shape, carrying a backpack uphill uses muscles in ways they may not be used much back home. Most people feel it at the end of the day.

Our trips range from “beginner” to “challenging”.

Guided backcountry hiking

A guest admires the jagged landscape from a summit

Beginner — These trips are usually just one or two nights out and the terrain could be a little less challenging than our other trips. The goal is to introduce people to the pleasures of being self-sufficient in the backcountry away from the road. You’ll be carrying your own personal gear and clothing, plus at least part of a tent and some food. But your Guide will help you keep your pack weight down to about 30 pounds or so.  These trips are often on a custom basis and may sometimes involve a helicopter!

Challenging – These trips are planned to push you a little. Similarly, a one night trip could kick your butt as the group moves light and fast up and down mountains, often off trail, through rivers or in snow at any time of year! You need no prior experience for these expeditions. However, you should be in good shape, able to hike at a relatively fast speed, and ready for the challenges of the Alaska backcountry.  Our Extreme and Xxtreme packages are good examples.

Alaska Guided Backpacking

A group traverses across alpine ridges of the Talkeetna Mountains

All of our backpacking is out in the real Alaska which may be quite different from anywhere you’ve hiked before. Trails vary from well-maintained to non-existent, often established but in very poor condition in some places. You can almost always expect wet feet; from muddy trails, snowfields, or river crossings.

Backpacking can be added to any of our Custom trips and many of our short packages.  Look for the options as you check out.  If you want to really get away from it all check out our Fly in Backpacking options!

Wilderness camping often does not include toilet facilities. We carry everything we need in, and carry almost everything out when we leave.

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