Alaska Outdoor Activities

Exposure Alaska offers the best packages for Alaska Outdoor Activities. We focus on Kayaking, Backpacking, and Expedition Planning, but we also feature Ice Climbing, Glacier Trekking, Moderate Hiking, Helicopter Adventures, and Challenge Course Activities. Below is a list of packages that feature these types of activities. Take a look at all we have to offer, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us

If you already know the tour you are looking for, click the button below to book it. If you don’t see the Alaska adventure of your choice, please give us a call or email us through the Contact page.

Alaska Kayaking Expedition

Exposure Alaska has the experience and team that you need to push your adventure to the limit. We offer more casual three day expeditions, but can integrate Kayaking into several other areas of entertainment, including backpacking and glacier trekking. The packages listed here all include Kayaking.

Alaska Backpacking Excursions

Backpacking in Alaska can push you to encounter many elements that are unexpected. At Exposure Alaska we work constantly at solving these issues. Whether it be adverse weather conditions or wildlife encounters, our guides are trained to deal with all of these circumstances. Check out the packages below, or Contact Us to have a brief chat.

Alaska Hiking

Hiking or Glacier Trekking are features that are offered in these tour packages. Book one of these packages and join some of the best hiking or glacier trekking guides on the planet. Our glacier activities are coordinated by MICA Guides

Alaska Ice Climbing Trips

Ice Climbing has it’s own arm of the Exposure Alaska company. We have been traversing glaciers and ice climbing in Alaska since 1999, and we have the experience to successfully get you through one of the best experiences of any lifetime. The packages below feature Ice Climbing

Alaska Helicopter Adventures

The last few years, we have been able to offer guests an incredible experience with our sister Helicopter company, where we fly you in to experience glacier trekking and ice climbing. It really gets the adrenaline going. The tours below offer the Helicopter Adventures

Alaska Guided Rafting

It might be a chilly experience, but the rafting in Alaska is wild. Every stage of rapids is here, and we offer guided rafting tours as part of our Exposure Alaska packages. The tours below feature Guided Rafting

Alaska Ziplining

We put some of the best views in Alaska straight down the zipline, and we include that in several of our best adventure. These packages include some of the fastest ziplines in the state.