A Matanuska Getaway

Over the years many trips have been explored and different itineraries filled. Yet, no matter the place or time, it always seems hard to be able to get to every single detail that comes with planning a vacation. And if you’re not careful, your vacation may turn into more work than the relaxation and adventure you were hoping for. With this in mind, we decided to leave it up to professional guides and long time locals at Exposure Alaska. They helped to alleviate a few days of planning on our trip to Alaska. More importantly, to give us more energy to be able to fully enjoy our Matanuska Getaway vacation.

Touching Down

First, we arrived by plane in Anchorage in the early evening. Not too long after, we were tucked into our bed at a nearby hotel, welcoming a much needed nights rest. Having full communication with our guides and arranging transportation was a breeze. We even got a direct pick up from the front of the hotel lobby the next morning. From there, Glacier View is only a couple hours drive from Anchorage. This small town was going to be our base for the next three days.

Alpine Trails

Matanuska guided hiking

The views from the top of nearby peaks, overlooking the Matanuska Valley

After picking up a few last minute items, we set to the mountains and winded down the Old Glenn Highway. Before touching base, our two guides brought us to a local trailhead. It was August and the wild growth had taken over and plants towered over our heads. We set off, our legs grateful to be moving again. The hike started gradually climbing, and we were gaining some serious elevation. As we reached further and further up trail each turn revealed epic views of the valley below. This was our first panoramic view of Alaska from the ground and it was breathtaking. This was just the start of our Matanuska Getaway vacation.

Resting in Luxury

On the way back down we enjoyed the endless bushes of wild berries along the path. After, we relaxed on the short van ride to our accommodations at Alpenglow Luxury Camping. A warm homemade meal welcomed us with all the stops; Alaskan Salmon, homemade bread, garden fresh salad, and a blueberry cobbler. With the sunset lighting up the sky, our stomachs full, we fully enjoyed the cedar wood hot tub before retiring to our own private canvas tent.

It wasn’t until morning, as I sat with freshly brewed coffee on the porch, that I was able to take in the beauty that surrounded us. There, I sat with a robe on the private porch attached to our tent, listening to the birds, and soaking in the experience of the wilderness waking up as well. Soon, we were packing our bags for that days adventure; an ATV trip, a paddle through some whitewater, and a quick dry off with a double zipline experience.

A Full Day Adventure

ATV Guided Tour

Our group at the ready to take on the nearby trails.

Just down the road, our guides brought us to Glacier View Adventures. This was after enjoying a light breakfast. With our own personal guide, and a few instructions, we were hopping on our ATVs. We followed nearby trails up to the tops of peaks. With a little bravery and some adrenaline, we were all cruising up the mountain with smiles plastered to our faces. After a few hours of dirt covered fun, it was time to take off and wash away some of the dust with the glacial waters of the Matanuska River. With the help of NOVA river guides, we were set for some big splashes.

After catching a quick bite, we stepped into the shop to sign our waivers and grab our high fashion water wear; a one piece dry suit and neoprene booties. It wasn’t long till we were just down the road, launching boats into the silty grey water of the Matanuska.

The river winded us through the bottom of the valley, looking up into the vastness of glacially carved canyons. One moment we were paddling scenic water, our river guide was pep talking us for power stroking through a class IV rapid. After lots teamwork, adrenaline, and a good douse of glacial meltwater, we were laughing over the chaotic good that laid behind us.

Next, we changed into dry clothes and were whisked off back to Glacier View Adventures. They are also home to two ziplines. The Nitro Zipline was the first one we got to try. This platform soars you over forested areas, giving glimpses of wildlife below, like moose. This zipline proved to be an appetizer of sorts to the much larger, much faster, double zipline, the G2.

With two lines, riders can race as they throttle over a 250 ft. cliff at high speeds for over 2,200 ft.! From the platform we could see the Matanuska Glacier and the surrounding snow covered mountains. Once we were finished, everyone was more than happy to enjoy another night at Alpenglow.

Last, but Definitely Not Least

Glacier Cave

A look out of a blue ice cave on the Matanuska Glacier

The next day we were off to explore the Matanuska Glacier with the help of MICA Guides. They took us to some of the best features and dropped us into the best pictures spots around on their Advanced Trek. With their help and the right gear, we had an unforgettable last day on our Matanuska Getaway. Additionally, with their know how, we were able to avoid the crowds and have a more exclusive experience. After our glacier experience, we packed the van, and rambled back to Anchorage to make it in time for the next leg of our adventure.

It still amazes me how much we fit into just those three days. And how much more we were able to enjoy with the help of our guides and their organization and knowledge. There is no quicker way to get out of the city and start enjoying your Alaska vacation with the Matanuska Getaway vacation.