Solo Journey Across Alaska

Traveling to a new place can be both daunting and exciting. Especially when it comes to the expansive lands of Alaska. With so much to do and places to see, this guide to solo traveling in Alaska aims to offer you more tips and tricks to a successful journey. Independently traveling through Alaska could be just the experience you are looking for.

Independence in Alaska

There are many sides to traveling on your own. Some perks are being able to customize your itinerary to your likes and ideas. And, have it be as flexible or structured as you’d like. You’ll have chances to meet new people and enjoy some peace and quiet in secluded wilderness. It might even be an opportunity to learn more about yourself and work on the nuances of planning, exploration, and adapting to change.

And on the other hand, there are some cons to solo travel at times. Being aware of them may help you to navigate those sticky situations a little bit easier. And one of those crucial bits is figuring out which method of transportation best suites you for your trip.

A One Person Caravan

Without having other folks with you it can make transportation much easier, and sometimes cheaper. If you choose to fly in by plane you can sometimes take a chance on stand by seating for flights and get lucrative deals. Other methods, like taking a cruise or boat as travel, sometimes offer single traveler packages at discounted rates. Checking their websites and speaking with travel representatives can often lead you to some very affordable and unique experiences.

Another popular choice solo travelers embrace is to take a personal car or rental vehicle for their main form of transportation. Creating a road trip of your dreams is a great way to have an immersive experience. And, give you some more personal decision making power on your journey.

Some places in Alaska only offer very small planes or boat rides into remote locations. You might even decide to mix and match the ways you travel depending on where and what you want to do. Some companies offer shuttle services as parts of their trip packages too. This tends to help if you want to focus on your trip and save mental energy.

Before you Go

There are a few important pieces to mention before you head off to “The Last Frontier”. Make sure to have an emergency plan and reliable contact person. If you are going for an extended trip, arranging check-ins every few days can help you to stay organized, be prepared for an emergency, and have a back up if something does happen.

Having multiple forms of communication and navigation is a must in Alaska. Many areas are remote and you may be out of phone service for extended periods of time. Downloading maps, having back-up chargers, physical maps, and a satellite GPS device, could be life saving moves you might not have anticipated needing.

Pack yourself a basic first aid kit and know your local resources and restrictions before you head to a new area. Alaska is known for it’s epic wilderness and wildlife. Be aware of environmental hazards and dangers, as well as respect and space to animals and plants.

Tour for One

Finding out how to travel from one place to another is one leg of the journey. Honing in on what exactly you want to see and do is another. Some folks might enjoy a mix of day trips and experiences, micro adventures for a macro trip. Some ideas for a solo traveler; day hiking, going on a glacier tour, taking a day cruise, visiting museums and historical areas, and so much more.

Maybe you want to base your trip around something that is a specific interest to you. Like following the whale migration, going on the fishing trip of your dreams, or exploring the many glaciers of Alaska. Many outfitters offer professional guides, tours, rentals, and much of the know how you’ll need to have a successful and hopefully awe-inspiring journey.

Book a Glacier Tour
Explore a Multi-Day Sea Kayaking Experience
Find Day Hiking Experiences

Solo Success

You don’t have to have everything set in stone for your itinerary but it can be helpful to plan out some solid events. And, then maybe leave room for activities or events to organically come up and slip right into your trip as you please. However you find your planning go it is important to note where you are going to be staying and where you are going to be eating.

There are a lot of unique places to stay in Alaska that are well worth checking out and making reservations. Some stays come with access and amenities you might not normally have, and becomes well worth the price. Other options for solo stays that are more popular; staying in hostels, booking trips curated for an independent experience, car camping, recreational camping, and train travel.

No trip is perfect, and no matter how much you plan, there is always the unplanned that happens. And maybe that’s what is exciting about it, the unknown, and the necessity to be open to change and new experiences. This path is up to you to follow or make your own, choose what works for you.