Exposure Alaska has had some amazing experiences. With 20 years of operation, we have a few things we want to share. We love to explore Alaska and want to share those experiences with you. Expose yourself to Alaska.

From the adrenaline filled, to the awe-inspired, we tackle the many faces of Alaska. Dive into these tales and find out what it means to live the Alaskan lifestyle. See from a guides perspective just how big Alaska is.

These experiences are filled with stories of great exploration. Travel landscapes of glaciers, alpine vistas, and coastal rain forests through stories and pictures captured by first hand accounts. Follow what the locals love and our favorite spots to explore.

So join us as we discuss our favorite excursions and wrap yourself in the possibilities of the 49th state. Alaska is it’s own universe with many worlds to explore. We want to inspire the dreams you have been waiting to experience. These features give encounters of wildlife, community in nature, and making the most of each adventure.

We love our community and outdoor lifestyle. Let us show you why. With a company, crew, and outdoor setting like this, it is hard to beat.

Our stories are filled with tales of Alaska Kayaking, Backpacking, Glacier Trekking, Ice Climbing, Helicopter Adventures, Ziplining. There are plenty more from our Alaska Expeditions and Alaska Adventure Tours. We love what Alaska has to offer, certainly we want to share that connection with you. Maybe you are ready to make your own Alaskan Tales.