The G2 is the fastest zipline in Alaska!

Alaska Zipline
Alaska Zipline
Alaska Zipline
Alaska Zipline


This ain’t no Canopy Tour.  If you’re looking for a adrenaline rush with a view choose a trip with our G2 or Nitro zipline!

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Two BIG Ziplines:

The Nitro

Take a short nature hike and ascend our three-story tower for panoramic mountain views and the ride of your life.

Then, take a “leap of faith” and experience flight! After the initial adrenaline-inducing step off of the tower, you’ll zip down a cable and through the forest before coasting to the end of the line. The first step is challenging, but after that, gravity does the work!

  • Length: 1,500 feet (457 meters, over a quarter mile)
  • Speed: 30 – 40 miles per hour
  • Height: Launch tower is 30 feet high on a hill 150 feet above the river.

The G2

Hop in our shuttle and meet us at the top of a cliff towering 250 feet above the Matanuska River. Enjoy amazing views of the mountains, river and glacier before stepping off of the deck for a high-speed zip over 2200 feet long!

The G2 has dual ziplines, so bring a friend to race to the end of the line!

Launching off of the deck of the G2 is an entirely different experience from the Nitro, and some find it less intimidating.  The thrill will hit you 2 seconds later as you pass over the edge of the cliff and the ground drops 250 feet!

  • Length: 2,200 feet (670 meters, almost a half mile)
  • Speed: 45 – 60 miles per hour (maximum recorded speed is 63 mph.)
  • Height: Launch deck is 12 feet high on a cliff 250 feet above the river.


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Additional information


Glacier View, Alaska


1-2 hours

Equipment Included

Helmet, Harness, and Zipline Tether and Trolly

Size Restrictions

Nitro: Max weight 235 lbs, Max waist/hip 46 inches.
G2: Max weight 285 lbs, Max waist/hip 46 inches