Wildlife Viewing

You never know who you might meet

Wildlife Viewing
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Wildlife Viewing

Grizzly bears catching salmon in a beautiful waterfall. Breaching humpback whales making a huge splash. A wolf looking straight at you from the edge of the forest.

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You’ve seen the stunning photos and this may be what’s motivated you to visit us here in Alaska. Seeing some of our majestic animals is often the highlight of a trip here but you just have to remember that wildlife is just that, wild.

It’s very likely that the published photos you’ve seen were taken by professionals spending years in the backcountry, patiently waiting for that perfect shot. Viewing wildlife involves a lot of luck.
Now, having laid out the big disclaimer, you should know that all of the wildlife photos here on our website have been taken by our guides or our guests.

Some situations are a lot better for seeing the animals than others. A fly-in bear viewing trip is a great way to improve your odds. While we really don’t want to see a bear close enough for a good photo while hiking, and take steps to avoid it!

Seeing a whale while kayaking is a really lucky day with the whale just happening to come by. Going on a day cruise in a powered boat is a much better chance as they have radios for other boats to tell them where whales are sighted, and the speed to get there. We often see seals, eagles, sea lions and occasionally bears while kayaking.
Denali National Park is a good, and affordable way to look for moose and caribou and with a bit of luck you might spot a bear or even a wolf.

Of course we often see animals just while hiking around in the spectacular backcountry or sitting around the campfire at our homestead!

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