Helicopter Glacier Adventure

Helicopter Glacier Adventure

Helicopter Glacier Adventure

The ultimate Matanuska Glacier adventure.

Exploring the Matanuska Glacier and learning to ice climb are incredible adventures.  So how do you make even more of an adventure?  With a helicopter.

We’ve found that using a helicopter can get us to the most spectacular features of the glacier and cut out hours of hiking through the rocks.  Your best chance to find an ice cave, climb a glacier wall and explore far from the “tourists”.  Plus, you get to fly in a helicopter!

This activity is included in the following adventure tours:

Alaska Glacier Climbing Tour

Xxtreme Week

We jacked up the adrenaline level of the Extreme Week by adding in Class V rafting and a helicopter!
per person
7 Days
Level 4

Custom Adventures

Private trips, expedition support, educational programs & more. Any length or Challenge Level is possible.
per person
3 – 30 days
Level 2 – 5