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Why we love to fly...

Alaska has 14 times the number of aircraft per capita as the rest of the US. Over 8000 planes are here and many of these are used to access the "bush".

From a big DeHaviland Otter on floats to the famous Super Cub with room for just one passenger, we've got planes that will get you just about anywhere you want to go.

We now offer several scheduled trips that are fly-in. Join our Wilderness Week and you'll find yourself strapped into the back of a Super Cub for a short "hop" over some spectacular scenery to a beautiful spot in the Talkeetna would take you days to hike there!

Our Alpine Challenge gets you high into the Chugach Range to the land of snow and ice, in the middle of summer!

Each year we also plan one major Fly-in Expedition. This is often an exploratory trip to an area that we haven't even been to before.

Or let us put together an exclusive custom trip planned to get you into the real Alaska by air. You'll spend less time on the road, and have an unforgettable experience. Remote drop-offs, a day at a hot fishing spot or flight seeing around Denali are all possibilities.

Fly-in trips require a flexible attitude, flying these small planes in Alaska is very dependent on the weather. We try to have contingency plans but some delays may be unavoidable.

Of course flying around costs more than driving, but many of our scheduled trips are still quite affordable and you can't beat the time savings.

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Challenge: Anyone can enjoy a short flight seeing trip. Our longer trips dropped off in the wilderness are a Challenge Level 3 - 5 due to their remoteness.

Cost: $$ - $$$

Best trips for Fly-in adventures:

Wilderness Week
Alpine Challenge
Wrangell-St. Elias Expedition
Custom 3-day Fly-in





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