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Alaska Fishing

Sure you've heard about the great fishing up here..

And it’s an excellent option to add to your exclusive custom trip. Fly in to a local hot spot with a professional fishing guide for your best chances of catching those trophy salmon you’ve seen only in photos.

Spend a day on a charter boat trying your luck against huge Halibut, some weighing hundreds of pounds.

Or add a “Fish and Float” trip to your itinerary. We’ll take a jet boat upstream with a professional guide, spending a day fishing for salmon. Camp for a couple of nights at a beautiful spot on the river then enjoy a raft trip back to town.

If you just want to casually try your luck during your custom trip, we can probably “hook you up” with some gear but if you really want to have the best chance of success, we should plan some time with a professional fishing guide or charter service that specializes in the sport.

Please understand that our Guides are professional outdoor leaders, climbers and paddlers – not professional fishing guides that live and breathe the sport.

A key ingredient to your fishing success is timing. Our various species of salmon come in on a schedule, and they don’t notify us ahead of time! We can estimate and plan your trip dates around their schedule but a bit of luck is also needed.

On our scheduled trips such as Extreme Week, Exposed Series Tours etc., there is rarely time for fishing.

Challenge: 2 - 3, depending on where you go.

Cost: $$ - $$$. Cost varies greatly, fly-in trips with fishing are on the high end of our offerings.

Time Needed: 1-3 Days

Fishing is included only in our custom adventures.



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