2019 Schedule

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Level 2 Trips: Matanuska Getaway

Level 3 Trips: Double Exposure3-Day Kayak Tour

Level 4 Trips: Xxtreme WeekExtreme Week

Extreme Week
7 Days  Challenge Level: 4   
Cost: $2890  Private Rates:
  Private Rates depend on number in your group:
2@ $4190 each
3@ $3590 each
4+@ $3090 each 

Don't Delay

With a maximum group size of 6 guests, our trips fill fast. Alaska is projected to have another busy summer. Book your trip now.

  Starts Ends Slots Available Current Rate Currently Open for
Solo Travelers
 CS 612-16 Sat, Jul 30  Fri, Aug 05  No  $2890  No 
 CS 605-19 Mon, Jun 10  Sun, Jun 16  No  $2890  No 
 CS 606-19 Mon, Jun 17  Sun, Jun 23  no  $2890  No 
 CS 607-19 Mon, Jun 24  Sun, Jun 30  No  $2023  No 
 CS 609-19 Mon, Jul 08  Sun, Jul 14  No  $2890  No 
 CS 611-19 Mon, Jul 22  Sun, Jul 28  no  $2890  No 
 CS 612-19 Tue, Jul 30  Mon, Aug 05  no  $2023  No 
 CS 613-19 Mon, Aug 05  Sun, Aug 11  No  $2890  No 
 CS 614-19 Mon, Aug 12  Sun, Aug 18  No  $3482  No 
 CS Prado Mon, Aug 19  Sun, Aug 25  no  $2890  No 
 CS 617-19 Mon, Sep 02  Sun, Sep 08  YES  $2890  No 

Traveling Solo?

If you see "no" in the column at left, we may not be able to confirm you on that particular trip right now. Please contact us before continuing the reservation process. If you have a friend that's booking and paying separately, we will be happy to confirm your reservation.

If you're the first one to sign up for a trip, we may not confirm your reservation until we get others signed up. We've never cancelled a trip due to low numbers, and have run trips with as few as two guests but we can't do it with one.

We do not have the capacity to run all the trips on the schedule, as some get booked we close out availability on others that have no one signed up yet.

It changes very often during the Spring booking season. Our website is tied directly to our database and kept up to date as soon as we register guests.

Important information about our special rates.

We offer discounts for various reasons and our special rates may go up or down at any time. We do what we can to fill trips during our 100 day operating season.
From your perspective as a Guest, you should know that everyone on the trip may not have paid the same rate, just like on your flight to Alaska. Your trip is booked at the current rate at the time of booking.
Of course, you're free to make your reservation at any time.
The discount rates may go up, or down. Or the trip may fill and you'll be completely out of luck.
Like most businesses in the travel industry, we do not offer any "low price guarantee". Your trip cost stays at the rate we confirm with you when you book.