Moderate hiking, mainly on established trails. Up to 2 consecutive nights primitive camping with no toilet facilities. Other nights in inns or campgrounds with facilities. Some leisurely mornings and evenings to recharge.

Double Exposure

A great sample of Alaskan adventure with many of our favorite activities.
per person
6 Days
Level 3
Alaska tours

Maximum Exposure

If you want to experience the best of Alaska from the coast to Denali, you'll need at least 9 days. This trip does a good job of providing variety without too much time on the road, covering Prince William Sound, Matanuska Glacier, Talkeetna Mountains and Denali National Park.
per person
9 Days
Level 3

Kayak Tour

Enjoy great Alaskan sea kayaking with a three day tour in Prince William Sound.  Your chance to try out real Alaska sea kayaking.
per person
3 Days
Level 3