Fly In Backpacking

Your chance to really get out there!

Fly In Backpacking
Alaska Backpacking
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Alaska Adventure Tours
Alaska Backpacking

Fly In Backpacking

Two of our favorite things…flying and backpacking!

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This might be the trip you’ve dreamed of.  Climb into the smallest airplane you’ve ever been in.  Fly low over spectacular scenery and get dropped off in the Alaska backcountry.  Start walking.

3 days or a week. It will be a trip you’ll never forget.

Challenge Level: 5; Challenging backpacking on and off trail. Primitive camping. Read more about Challenge Levels.

No experience required but you must be in good physical condition and prepared for the challenges of the Alaska backcountry.

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3-7 days

Challenge Level

Level 5

Nights Backcountry Camping


Nights at an hotel, inn or cabin