Chugach Mountains

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Alaska Backpacking tour


Backpacking into the remote, mountainous areas of Alaska with everything you need in your pack can be the most rewarding, and most challenging part of an Exposure trip.

3-7 days
3 – 5 (depends on the duration of the trip)
Alaska Adventure Tour


From secluded beaches in Prince William Sound, to Alpine lakes high in the Talkeetna mountains; camp with us and get away from it all.

3-7 days
3 – 5 (depends on the duration of the trip)
6mile creek

Chugach Challenge

Five days of fast paced challenge and adventure.  Class V Whitewater rafting, ice climbing, backpacking and more.

5 Days
Level 4
Alaska Glacier Climbing Tour

Xxtreme Week

We jacked up the adrenaline level of the Extreme Week by adding in Class V rafting on Six Mile Creek.

7 Days
Level 4