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Payment information and how to pay can be found in the tabs below.

Final Payment
Full payment is due 60 days before the start of your trip. (90 days for custom trips)

Pricing for your final payment assumes a cash/check discount. Please keep in mind that payment by check or cash transfer was factored into your trip pricing.

About Travel Insurance
For the relatively inexpensive price, we think it’s not a bad idea. Let’s face it, if you’re attracted to this trip, you’re probably not sitting at home on the couch. If you have a last minute injury, or something happens with the family, or your flight is delayed and you miss the first day or two, or you join us for a fly in trip and the weather prevents us getting back on time, or…well the scenarios are endless. Travel Insurance can help and it’s usually a pretty good bargain.

Click HERE to review our payment and refund policies.

Wells Fargo Customers– You could do a free transfer to our account. This is not a wire transfer (which costs quite a bit), and only between WF accounts. Contact us for details.

Check – Old school and slow but free. You need to plan ahead. Ideally, your check will be mailed in with your paper forms after you have submitted your gear rental requests, but before the deadline.

Checks should be made payable and sent to:
Exposure Alaska LTD
200 W. 34th Ave. #82
Anchorage AK 99503

Credit Card Payment — If you really want to pay with MasterCard or Visa, we can accept that if you agree to pay the full balance which includes the 3% merchant fee. The payment by credit card balance can be found on your latest “Status Report” email or contact us for an updated balance. We require a signed Authorization Form for those larger payments. Complete the form available HERE, scan and email to us.

Overseas Guests
Wire transfers seem to never go well and get expensive. Due to fluxuating currency conversions, we always seem to come up $30-$60 short (in addition to the charge to receive) -even when you’ve been issued a piece of paper from your bank saying you transferred the full amount. If that happens, you would be responsible for the shortfall. For this reason we strongly recommend you pay via credit card. It’s quick and reliable.

Paypal is an option if a payment is made directly from your bank account rather than your credit card. You would be responsible if there were any extra fees. Please contact us for details.

Sorry, but you cannot:
“Pay us with cash when you get here”:  
This is awkward, uncomfortable and distracting on the morning of Day 1. We like to have the business out of the way and be on to the fun stuff by then. Besides, it does not fit into our payment and refund schedule.

“Call with a credit card number”: Our merchant account requires a signed authorization for the amounts usually dealt with.

Our trips are often fully booked up, with a waiting list. Failure to meet the payment deadlines may result in losing your slot on the trip and your deposit. Failure to meet payment deadlines will be considered cancellation by you and the cancellation policies will apply. Mail takes 6 – 10 days to reach us in AK. If your check is going to arrive after the due date, your only option is payment by credit card with the above terms.
We love to fill that last slot or two on the trip. But we need you to hustle to get all the paperwork done. If you book your trip within 60 days of the scheduled start date, full payment will be due immediately to secure your slot. If your trip is within 20 days, immediate payment by credit card with the above conditions is your only option.

What about tipping during the trip?

Adventure travel is a service industry and tips for good service are an important part of the guides’ income for the season. You’ll have your Exposure Guides looking after all of your needs for the duration of the trip and there may be other sub-contracted guides taking you rafting, ice climbing or fishing.

Gratuities are not required of course but 5-10% is appreciated by your hard-working guides.

For all dining included as part of your trip package, we take care of the gratuity.

200 W. 34th Ave. #82, Anchorage AK 99503
907.350.1137 (Don's personal cell)