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Helping Denali Expeditions succeed since 2002

Are you climbing Denali?

Whether you call it Denali or Mt. McKinley, it’s the highest peak in North America. At over 20,000 feet this mountain is definitely a challenge.

There are no “walk up” routes on the mountain. Most people who say it’s a walk-up haven’t been there. About 50% of the people that try the climb fail to summit. Occasionally people die. Most teams plan for 3 weeks for the climb.

If any of the above facts are new to you, you should probably do a little more homework before deciding to do this climb. Our service is for experienced mountaineers. The inexperienced attempting Denali should go with a guided trip.

If you’re planning to climb it, you need to be training hard and getting ready for this challenge. And when you finally get to Alaska, what you don’t need to do is spend a lot of time shopping, trying to get around town, packing food and getting to Talkeetna. Alaska mountaineering is hard enough!

We won’t guide you up the mountain; but we can help smooth the logistics on your way in.

With a little luck with the weather, you could be flying to Base Camp less than 24 hours after your arrival in Anchorage.  

The primary focus of our Denali Expedition Support is food. Planning, procurement, packaging. You could spend days at home before the trip, when you should be training …and if you’re coming from outside the U.S., it’s a real hassle to bring any of your food into the country. Why waste valuable climbing time shopping in Anchorage?

We offer carefully packaged, mountain-tested rations to fuel your team. A good mixture of quick and easy meals for long climbing days, more luxuries for rest days, and different needs for the “upper mountain” above Advanced Base Camp. Packages include 15 days food (2-2.5 pounds per person/day). Additional rations available in 5 day increments. We supply food based on a tried and true formula for climbing McKinley. The quantities may be too much for some teams but seem to work well for most.

Food is important! Depending on your motivation to use the ingredients, you can dine on hashbrown potatoes, tortellini, pesto pasta, smoked salmon, a variety of cheese and hot drinks and cheesecake! Also, we are constantly modifying our rations based on feedback from our clients.

It may not be perfect, but our food planning is planned, tested and modified with feedback from dozens of expeditions.

Some of our packages include airport pick-ups, van support around Anchorage and/or transportation to Talkeetna. Please note that we provide transport only as part of our complete support packages.

We can make it all happen smoothly, from your arrival in Anchorage to your flight to Base Camp.  Accommodation, where to buy gear, package handling, sat phone rental and more.  Work with us before you start making plans so we can help coordinate the timing most efficiently.  We’ve been doing this since 2002.    

There’s nothing like a little local Beta. From where to stay to what kind of overboots, we can help you get the answers. All of our packages include access to our pages of “Denali Climbing Tips” compiled from years of experience and resources.

Please note that we provide friendly advice and local information, not training. Don’t come to Alaska without the skills needed to climb this mountain!

First of all, are you part of an experienced team of mountaineers?  We are not interested in contributing to the demise of someone that really has no idea what they’re getting into.  If you don’t have the experience, we recommend Mountain Trip .

Next, please review all the information on these pages.  You’re probably day dreaming about your climb while at work anyway, so take a little time.  We have a lot of information here.  The next link is at Expedition Support Details .

Once you’ve made your decision, complete the form at Book Now .  You’ll be prompted to pay your deposit of $500 when you submit the form.  If we can not support your team on the date you’ve requested, we’ll refund your deposit.  Book Early! Please note that this service has become extremely popular, book early to get your desired date.

Contact us about last minute support.
Some of your expedition logistics would be difficult for us to arrange on short notice but we may be able to just supply your food.
 (Subject to availability and a 15% surcharge).

The deposit is non-refundable. If your team size changes prior to April 15, total cost will be for the new team size. After April 15, and at least 30 days prior to your scheduled support date, team changes will result in your final fee as listed for your team size plus a $100 fee for each team member added or dropped.
Within 30 days of your scheduled support date, we may be able to work with you to add a team member however dropping a team member will not be refunded.

Add up costs of food (with Alaska prices). We’ve conducted a “test shop” at our local supermarket and found that 20 days food for two climbers, based on our menu, would cost almost well over $1000!

Sure, you could leave out the smoked salmon, gourmet cheese and huge variety of snacks and do it cheaper. Or you could just eat Ramen for 3 weeks.

Also consider time and logistics. Local transport and maybe even renting a car. A ride to Talkeetna, the extra day or 2 lodging in Anchorage and the value of your time.
And remember, you’re not even acclimitizing in Anchorage!

With our help you can arrive in Anchorage one night, and be in Talkeetna by the following afternoon. With a little luck, you’ll be flying to Base Camp that evening.

“The Exposure team were completely professional throughout and removed the uncertaintly from the elements of the expedition that are usually the hardest to organise. This is all a result of their knowledge of the mountain, guiding experience and local contacts. We flew into Anchorage at 9pm and arrived at base camp fully loaded with Don’s great food and gear at 3pm the next day. I’m certain that the input from Exposure played a very important role in getting the Tri Nation team to the summit in only 12 days.”

Conor McGahon

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