Three great companies.  One awesome crew.

In 1999, Exposure Alaska was founded on 15 years experience in organizing expeditions, educational programs, trips and adventure tours in some of the most remote areas of the world, from Antarctica to Alaska.

Don Wray is the co-founder and owner of Exposure Alaska and MICA Guides, and co-owner and President of Glacier View Adventures.

His crew of outdoor professionals operate all three companies.  So your Guide for your Exposure trip will not only be driving you around, taking you into the backcountry and making some incredible meals, but will also take you out to explore the Matanuska Glacier and ride the fastest zipline around.

Don is very involved day to day and runs things more like an expedition than a 9 to 5 business. His focus these days is on training and leading his Crew in helping our Guests enjoy Alaska in our special way. And he still guides trips once in a while!

The Exposure Difference

Small Groups

No more than 6 guests on one of our scheduled tours.  Our maximum is the minimum for many companies, and most of us use the same type vans.  Where would you rather be?

Alaskan owned and operated

Some tour operators based in the Lower 48 send a couple of guides up to Alaska a week before the guests arrive.  

Almost everything is included

Shop around and compare.  Do you want to pay for every activity that’s on the trip?

Less time in the van

We believe that to really appreciate Alaska you need to get out there, not just look through the windshield.

A different kind of pace

If you want to see the tourist attractions between Denali and Homer in 6 days then there are some other options for you elsewhere.  We take the time to get you away from the crowds and into the backcountry. 

We're not for everyone

We don’t pretend to be.  But we might be for you.  

An Exposure trip is an ACTIVE adventure vacation.

If it crosses your mind that you might prefer a cruise, please do so. Here’s a link to get you started: Cruise Instead

Our Guests252guest
Our Crew252danny
252sealOur Trips

Our Guests make it all possible.  And keep us from having to get “real” jobs.  They come from all over the world and are typically intelligent, active, relatively fit professionals.
Our Crew believes in working hard and playing hard, around the world.  Professional, fun, skilled…and one of the most close-knit teams you’ll find anywhere.
Our adventures include short trips to get you out there.  Multi-sport adventures. Hardcore expeditions.  But not “something for everyone”.


More on our Crew

For over 30 years, Don has been involved in projects, programs and expeditions in some of the most remote parts of the world; jungle villages in South America, primitive islands in the South Pacific, high peaks in the Andes and the Himalaya, glaciers in Patagonia, remote field camps in Antarctica.

And of course Alaska. In his years with Alaska State Parks, Don helped build many of the trails and campsites in western Prince William Sound. Some of these sites now used by his Exposure Alaska guests.

His Crew of outdoors enthusiasts live, work and play in Alaska and around the world. They can navigate you down a mountain in a whiteout, whip up a blueberry cheesecake in the middle of nowhere, lower you down a glacier crevasse so you can climb back out, and fix that painful blister for you.

They’ve also built just about everything you’ll see at our Glacier View base. From the MICA Guides gear hut to the 2200 foot long G2 Zipline, the fastest around.

Don’s Antarctic career goes back to the roots of Exposure Alaska, and his work there actually enabled the company to get established.  More about Don on Ice.



“I felt like I was visiting old friends in Alaska. Friends that had a lot of skills, gear and time to show me around!”
– Lauren P., Kansas City MO




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